Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Finals Week

Wow. I'm really sorry, dear blog, that I have neglected you. As usual for finals week, I am trying to procrastinate on all of the things I should be doing.

Here's an update on the classes:

ENG 369- This class, South Asian Lit, is crazy. We talk about topics for so much longer than necessary, repeating things that have already been said. I know it isn't Dr. Jay's fault, but I feel like this class could have gotten so much more done had we been efficient about it. As for the final, it's written and just needs turned in. By noon tomorrow. :-\ I'm expecting a B+ or an A- in this class.

ENG/DST 169-Intro to Disability Studies. Taking a 100 level course in the midst of 3/400 level classes is rough. It's too easy to judge it in comparison. For a 100 level class, if I remember correctly, it seemed pretty fair, though after the first two weeks, I felt as though we just repeated concepts in different ways. As for the final, I have 2/15 questions done and it's due Wednesday at 4. Considering I've only missed points due to attendance, I'm expecting an A in this class.

MUS 303- Electronic Music. Wow, this class has opened my eyes to things I never would have dreamed I'd be doing. If only I wasn't so slammed with everything this semester, I could have gotten really cool projects out of it. For my final, I'm making a radio play, though I only have about half of it done and it was due today. Since I got sick on Saturday (where I had reserved 9 hours in the studio), he's letting me turn it in on Wednesday at noon, which is really, REALLY nice of him. I'm expecting a B+ or an A- in this class.

ENG 339- Early Romantic Lit. Toughest class of my literary-class life by far. Very interesting, and now I can't stop thinking about the concepts I learned in this class. I did pretty decent on everything, either an A or a B in this class depending on what he thinks of my final essay, since I currently have a 90% without 60% of my grade calculated...haha.

ENG 460- I loved the books we read in capstone class, and I really wish I hadn't been doing a thesis on top of this class, or I would've loved the idea of writing 40 pages of something. I have gotten some really good stories out of my writing for this class, though, one of which is similar to other stories I have written, and the others are very different. I'm expecting a B+/A- in this class, as I did really well on the participating side/reading the books side, but as for the Creative part of the class, I think I've fallen slightly behind.

MUS 371- Music Composition. I need to get sibelius on my computer, for I wasn't able to do any outside work for this class, which meant that I had to do all of my work in class. I don't know what grade I'll get, since I currently don't have a single grade. Our final was just a portfolio of what we've done so far.

MUS 100- Steel Band. So much fun this semester, though much harder. I played on every song, and it was wonderful. Since I didn't miss, and performed well, I'm expecting an A.

Thesis- Wow, I never realized how hard it was to write a BOOK! If Jody hadn't been coaching me the entire time, I would have given up long, long ago. It scares me that soon I'll have to start writing on my own and not have others help me. I am expecting a B+ (the + is a little bit of hoping) in this class, since I turned in one awful section, and didn't do the readings as in depth as I should have.

UA stuff- I learned so much helping teach the two classes -Music Theory and Freshman Composition (your basic freshman english). I'm so glad I did the program, even though it added to my super huge load. All I need to do is turn in my papers, and I'm gold.

So expected GPA= 3.52-3.74. Much lower than my GPA as of now, but considering it was the hardest semester I've ever had, I guess I should expect as much.

Well, back to work!


Tim Parenti said...

You seem to be doing quite well, despite the chaotic nature of your class schedule. Best of luck for the rest of your finals!

Tim Parenti said...

I do miss reading up on what you're up to (yeah, yeah, like I should talk...). Hopefully this coming finals week you can procrastinate a bit and let us know what/how you're doing!