Thursday, May 19, 2011


So I've ignored this blog for way too long. Mostly because I met a new love in my life- Netflix. I've watched many shows (and all of their seasons) due to this addictive website.

Bones- By far my favorite TV show, maybe more than Glee. It's now one of two (This and Glee) shows that I watch in real time (or well, hulu the day after).

Psych- I LOVE this show. It's hysterical.

Californication- I didn't really like this show. I watched the first season, and then stopped.

Weeds- This was a really good show, despite it's controversial topic.

Lie to Me- Started out as a really, really good show, but then got way too predictable.

Numbers- This show is great. Almost finished with it.

I've learned that I'm a much better TV person than movie person. I am not very good at predicting endings like Erin is, but I enjoy getting know people this personally as I watch them grow over 5 or 6 years of working together.

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