Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Life of a Senior

It's been the craziest semester of my life. I don't think I've even updated everyone on everything I am doing. I am taking 5 English classes and 3 music classes this semester- all of which are requiring way more time than any class I took the past two years. Three of the English classes are reading intensive- requiring me to read about a book a week, which means that I'm reading about three books a week just in those classes alone. Then my capstone requires a book every two weeks, as well as writings and postings. My thesis was reading before, but now it's all writing. The last English class requires me to do a lot of researching and projecting, which is a ton of work for someone to do in a 100 level class. My music classes, two of which are composition and one which is steel band, require a ton of outside work to bring into class- steel band being practicing because I'm on every song.

I just registered for the GRE today, which was slightly painful considering the lack of funds in my bank. I'm still working 30 hours a week on top of everything. Then there's making signs constantly for DO, as well as writing critiques for Prism, creating a haunting Po Halloween reading for STD, advertising for Steel Band, and going to the library sessions on computer software. I also spent a huge deal of time for the Career Fair, in which I might get a job from this amazing company called Epic.

Oh, did I mention I'm teaching two classes? One is English, where I do a lot of grading and talking in class with discussions. The other is Music Theory, where I help with group work and have very meaningful discussions with Dr. Boge about teaching and theories and psychology.

I spend a lot of my free time with my friend, Erin Haley, doing homework, running around, and dancing. She has helped me a lot this semester from not going insane. This weekend we went to Fear Fest at King's Island, and then today we went to a corn maze. We have watched Sherlock Holmes, Letters to Juliet, and The Proposal this week, all of which have been lovely. We are studying for the GRE together, as well as struggling through our Romantic Lit class. Basically we're awesome.

Otherwise, I have had dinner with Erin Semple about once a week, and then I see Timothy Lucas sporadically throughout the week. I don't really see anyone else or have time for any other friends with my busy schedule. It's really sad. But hopefully next semester will be better, since I'll only be taking 16 credit hours. It'll be a wonderful time.


Lee said...

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Tim Parenti said...

It may sound sad, but it actually sounds like you're doing okay! Hang in there! It'll all be over soon!