Monday, March 08, 2010

Last Semester, This Semester

I have changed so much since January. It's incredible how different this semester has been.

Last semester, I complained about absolutely everything. Now, even though I'm doing a lot more and am always a lot tired, I don't complain as much. I am very appreciative of my life and everything I've been doing. I love that I can succeed this semester with everything I'm doing. Instead of complaining about it, I'm proud of it.

Last semester, I didn't want to go uptown. I was scared of all the people that go to clubs drunk and looking for an easy girl. This semester, I go uptown for karaoke Monday nights, and then I usually go uptown Thursday nights to dance. I love it so much. I've been uptown on a Wednesday night, too, and that was great because there were only drunk people. I don't go to parties as much, though. Last semester, there were parties every Friday and Saturday night, but this year, there aren't. :-\

Last semester, I was only friends with band people. This semester, I have some student manager friends who have no association with the music department. I am also becoming friends with some people from the English department. I love the new people I've met. It's really nice to be outside of the music department for the first time in my life (first it was in high school and now it was taking over my college experience).

Last semester, I struggled with time management. Actually, this is a more of freshman year problem. Last semester in the beginning I struggled, but I finally found a way to balance everything I was doing. This semester, because of all I learned about balancing my time last semester, I have spent so much more time doing fun things because my time is managed so well. I love it.

Last semester, I listened to musicals, and that was it. This semester, I'm listening to everything, from "real people" music, to 90s music, and just a bunch of everything. It's really exciting to expand my music knowledge past the small scope of musicals.

Last semester, I was a sophomore. This semester, I'm a junior. It's really obvious in my classes and what I'm doing that I really am a junior. I even have a junior mentality that I'm getting near the end and have to think about the future. Now, if only other things would accept me and let me do something this summer!


Moria said...

isn't it crazy(in a good way) realizing how much you've changed when you look back?

Tim Parenti said...


Janelaine said...

i know this is an old post, but you sound like you're doing really well and i'm so happy for you! :)