Monday, March 08, 2010

Henry and Mudge; U.S.!

So I've been slow to get anything done this break, but here are some things I've done:

Went to see Henry and Mudge: This musical, for children, by Kerrigan and Lowdermilk, was absolutely amazing. The mic cut out halfway through the show for Henry, but even so, it was really, really good. Even Jocelyn thought it was cute. It was really nice to see the interaction of a boy and his dog, as well as his adapting to the changes in his life.

Read U.S.!: This novel, or collection by Chris Bachelder was really interesting. I was more intrigued with the way it was delivered than the story itself, but I just loved how Bachelder expanded his story through a bunch of phone calls, letters, and narratives. I definitely want to try something like this some time.

Currently I'm learning so much about James Baldwin. It's really interesting, though I wish I didn't have so much else to do!

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Moria said...

hehe yay musicals =] I want to see more