Saturday, March 06, 2010

Lots to Recap

So I've been ultra busy this week. This is going to be random.

DO- The new DOs were initiated last weekend, which was pretty exciting. My little is Rachel Boden, who is this awesome (and ridiculous) girl that plays clarinet. We karaoke every Monday night together, so we were glad to be paired up. :D

My Grades- So a lot of my midterm grades are in.

Sightsinging: 99%. Missed one note because there was a natural sign to cancel out a previous flat and it confused me. :-\

Choraliers: A. Because I show up and sing. :D

Music Theory: I'm assuming A, though we haven't gotten any grades back.

Piano: 86%. I didn't practice. I don't really have time to practice. Oops.

International Studies: 85%. So far all we've had is one test. I got an 85 on it. Pretty self explanatory.

Latin: 85ish. I got an 81 on our midterm, and high 80s and low 90s on all the quizzes.

Contemporary Fiction- I won't know until we get back from break. We just turned in our midterm stuff. I'm hoping for an A, though.

Literary Marketplace- 100%. We have a big project over break, though.

Fiction Workshop- A. So far we've just been writing and writing and writing.

Short Story- I've got a 90%. We've only gotten one grade so far in that class, though. Next week, I'll have a midterm grade, a journal grade, a presentation grade, and a paper grade. Whoa.

So now we're on spring break. Yay. I have a lot of work to do. Sorry, I'm ending this. I'm distracted.

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Moria said...

we should hang out over break =] yay good grades. boo lots of homework:P i have it too