Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Second Day of 2010 Classes

So my second day was today. Here goes it:

I woke up at 8:15 with much dread toward the early time. After getting ready, I went to Sightsinging. We went right into the material, working on intervals and naturalizing (is that what it's called I don't remember? haha) notes into our range. I pretty much spent the whole class waking up. Kelli, Kori Hill, Andy Gazzerro, Jamie Slone, and I then ate a beautiful breakfast together. I had my delicious hashbrowns and fruit loops (you can tell I'm very exploratory when it comes to food). We went to the Proctor's Table afterwards, and I slept until my next class.

Piano was great. I love my new teacher, Carolyn, and her uppity teaching style. She is really nice and helpful. I have this class with Kelli, and we're like the only non-vocalists in the entire class. Oh well. I had to run to Latin after piano, though, because we didn't get out until 11:05.

Latin is going to be crazy. My teacher is really nice, but she really knows Virgil, so she's expecting a lot from us. We already have to translate 31 lines for Thursday, and I think we translated on average 20 lines last semester. This has me a bit freaked out, so we'll see how it goes. There are a lot of people in my class from last semester, though, and I think the familiarity will help, as well as knowing there are people struggling through the same things I am. And we also have a TA that I know (Chris Dobbs), so that might be helpful as well.

I got out of Latin early, so I went to the packaging center to get my latin books and flute. I then carried a bubble wrapped flute to the CPA, since I threw the box away as soon as I got it. haha. I went to my next class, which is The Short Story. This class is going to be pretty interesting. We're reading one of my favorite short stories "Young Goodman Brown". I can't remember when I read this, but I feel like it was freshman year of high school. I just loved how symbolic it was, even though it was ridiculously overly symbolic. I can't wait to read it again. haha. We're also doing author projects, which'll be a lot of work. I'm excited, though, because I really like short stories.

I had Choraliers, which was similar to yesterday, and then I had theory. Theory this year is actually Atonal Research and Analysis. It's going to be a ton of work. We're going to be working on research, learning about atonal theory, and applying it in a big final project. So that's going to be intense. I spent all of class starving, though, so I don't remember much else. Oh, 'cept that I love Dr. Boge a ton!

Luke and I got food at Shriv, because I couldn't wait 15 more minutes for a dining hall to open, and then I went to my prism meeting. It was just the meeting for the blog committee, and I'm really excited for it. I'm making the website this week, and we're going to start running it next week, but basically we'll be asking a current event question weekly, and in response we want short stories, poems, and essays based around the current event. We might even take art work, but we didn't really discuss it. We're also going to do a bunch of other things, and I'm just really excited for it.

The Steel Band meeting was really great. CT is letting me do Steel Band without registering for the class, which'll be really nice, since then I won't have to pay for the extra credit hours. The meeting was really informative and productive too, and I mentioned that we should have section leaders, and he really liked the idea. I'm excited, because I was scared last semester to ask people for help, which made me very under prepared for the class.

I came back to the dorm with a half hour to spare, so I showered and got into nice comfy pjs. Then I had my Peer Mentor Meeting. It was really nice. I love Abby Trout, as usual, and we got a lot accomplished. I am now apart of the committee that plans the first 8 weeks of the program for next year. I'm really excited, because I have a lot of ideas. I pretty much led the group through a quick discussion of when we should meet and when. We also talked about what to have prepared for the next meeting, which I suggested ~5 activities to plan during the 8 weeks and the first 3 days, and 5 problems with this year and possible solutions to the problems. I think the committee'll be really nice.

Now I'm sitting here writing this, avoiding all the homework I have. haha.

I have only two semesters left after this. Only 3 lit classes (eww), a capstone, my thesis, an independent study, and honors English class left for my major. Only two composition classes and two elective composition classes left for my minor. Only two classes left for my thematic sequence.

Wow. I'm almost there.


Moria said...

Sounds like you had a very productive day, asides from procrastinating on homework to blog;) I wish I had something to do!!:P

Tim Parenti said...

Transposing into your own range, perhaps?

Congrats on almost being done!