Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The First Day

So my first day of being a junior!

I woke up at 8:15, got dressed into a really cute outfit, and then ate a healthy breakfast called fruit loops. haha. I organized my bag, sat around for a bit, and decided I couldn't wait anymore, and left for class. My first class was really nice- we were there for about 20 minutes. It was with my favorite teacher, Jody Bates. The class is called Contemporary Fiction, and we have to read 8 books for the class (I originally thought it was 13...I tend to exaggerate haha). Our responses on the books, though, are not about theme, character, etc, but instead a story based on the styles we perceive from the books, and then a memo explaining our choices. I'm really excited for this exercise, because I have never been able to understand how to take something I've read and write something in a similar style. I might have to go to office hours to understand this, though, which kind of scares me, since I've never been to office hours before.

After that class ended, I walked with Madi Peterson, a girl I work with, to Shriver, and we talked, which was really nice. I stood in line for twenty minutes to have my daily hashbrown, though I usually have two, and the worker there, who knows me since I work there, asked me if I was cutting back. Since I had already eaten, I wasn't hungry. haha. I bought a bottle of water, then sat in a comfy chair until it was time for my next class, reading Elbow Room and the introduction to my international studies book.

My second class of the day was International Studies. I really like the teacher and the dynamic of the class. There are 23 of us in the class, though I'm pretty sure plenty of people are dropping since it's a major section. We had to mention our favorite place to visit. I picked two places, NYC (obviously) and Switzerland. It was way before this blog's time, but I went to Europe when I was in 7th grade. Switzerland inspired me to write, and I actually really want to go back so that I can write again like I did then.

My third class of the day was forunately in the same building as the previous, which meant no walking anywhere. It was again with Jody, and the class is called Literary Marketplace. It should be called "Life after Miami for a Creative Writing Major". We have a facebook group! haha. I'm really excited for all I'm going to learn in this class, but I'm worried about my grade. I have to write a personal statement by next week. I think I'm going to talk to him about it after class on Wednesday.

I then had a three hour break in which I played on the computer, sat at the Proctor's Table, and finished my International Studies homework. I saw Armond, Brandi, Lara, Abby, JohnGrice, and pleny of other lovely people during this timeframe, and I was really excited. I miss people so much! I told JohnGrice about dropping steel band, and he mourned with me, though I don't think he actually cares. haha.

My next class was my fiction workshop. I'm not sure what to think about this class yet, because Keith Banner doesn't seem the teacher type (he even said he "doesn't really do the whole teaching thing"), and we're doing visual art-inspired stories, which I'm not a big fan of writing. But I guess I'll take what I can get.

Between these two classes, I went to the library and saw some more lovelies- my big, to name one. Then I went to my room before going to Harris to eat. I had about five dinners worth of food at Harris. Oops. I ate with my two wonderful roomies, Erin Semple, Sean O'Neill, Sarah Blaha, and Kori Hill. It was definitely exciting.

Choraliers was really exciting. I walked in with Kelli, since we both were a little nervous over showing up as new students, but there were a lot of new students, so it really wasn't that awful. I sat with Erin and Amy, two of my fellow student managers. I realize how bad I am at harmony-sightreading, because I just want to follow the melody (I mean, hey, I play flute, sang soprano in high school, and play melody lead pan in steel band, give me a break!). So I really need to work on the music, which I'll hopefully be able to do alone at some point, once we get the music to keep.

After Choraliers, I went back to my room and did some homework (sort of.) I finished my contemporary fiction homework for Wednesday, and it actually really interested me. I hate contemporary fiction, and so did the writer of the essay. haha. Abby showed up at around 11:15 so we could go to Karaoke, but when we got to Brick Street, they had a special guest and it actually cost money, so we didn't go. Boo. We hung out at her apartment instead and talked. Yay!

Now I'm sitting here, anxious for tomorrow. :D


Moria said...

Glad you enjoyed your first day:D I can't wait to start classes again now:P

Tim Parenti said...

Sean O'Neill? I know a Sean O'Neill! And, goodness me, Facebook tells me he goes to Miami (OH). It's a small world after all!