Monday, January 11, 2010

The Perfect Shirt, Favorite Pair of Jeans

Everyone has that favorite shirt,
that shirt you find at some random store.
It's perfect for you.
The colors match your eyes, the style is just right.
So you wear the shirt all the time,
straight out of the wash.
It stretches in places, rips in others,
but you can't seem to give it up.
The colors start fading through so many washes,
and soon the shirt doesn't fit anymore.
Reluctantly, after years of wearing it,
you finally give it up.
Sometimes you still think about it,
sometimes you look through your dresser for it,
but eventually you find a new favorite shirt,
and it finishes its journey trapped in your memory,
or perhaps even forgotten.


I used to have this pair of jeans,
the perfect pair for me.
They were made of cotton and stretched to fit,
dark, very stylish.
I couldn't stop wearing them,
it was hard to wear anything else.
I abandoned the rest of my wardrobe,
focusing all my upcoming outfits on them.
After years of wear and tare,
they faded and ripped.
They were growing too short for me,
and I began to despise them.
I still loved them, how could I not,
with all the joyous memories they brought me.
I sold them at our next garage sale,
reluctant to see them go,
but glad to move on.
I found a new pair of jeans to favor,
and life went on, as it always does.


When we first started dating,
when your hand first touched mine,
the stars aligned, and everything was a perfect fit.
I fell in love with you,
couldn't imagine my life without you.
I spent most of my time with you,
forgot anything important.
As time went on, things weren't quite right.
We began to fade, a misfit pair.
I couldn't fathom it ending, though
so I held on until I couldn't anymore.
Reluctantly, I had to let you go.
I know as with everything else,
I will eventually move on, and you,
you'll become just another memory
in my long list of favorites.


Moria said...

Ok so the shirt part made me giggle just 'cause its you:P Moving on to the jeans thing I thought yeah...we've all been here before(yay favorite clothing:P). The third part made me realize a lot in my own life as well as thinking about yours when you wrote it and all. I like it=]

Tim Parenti said...

I love the parallelisms drawn here. I think that, at least, was very artfully done.

Cliffnabird said...

Very Nice!