Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hump Day

So today was pretty lax. I woke up at 8:30 after a rough night of sleeping. I had woken up at 3am feeling really sick, ready to throw up. I spent the next ten minutes in the bathroom/hallway trying to figure out how to handle the situation, when I finally decided just to go back to bed. I woke up this morning fine, though, as well as went to bed fine.

Contemporary fiction was interesting today. We debated about a lot of things on whether contemporary fiction is "literary" or not, based on an article written by B.R.Myers. I thought the discussion was very thought-provoking, but it really emphasized my lack of knowledge in the contemporary world. People were talking about books and authors I had never heard of, and so I tried to write some of them down so that I could get them out of the library and read them, though my reading list is already way too long. I talked to Jody after class about my personal statement for my next class, Literary Marketplace, and I think that went rather :-\, because it made me more confused about what to write. Yet, when I started fixing it up, it sort of made sense to me. At least, I'm hoping it did. haha.

I then had lunch with Jenni, my Creative Writing buddy, and we discussed our classes and stuff, but more importantly, we discussed starting a writing community. We really feel like it is important to have a community to share our writing skills and passions. We decided to wait for a couple more people's interests before choosing a time, but we decided it should last an hour. The first half hour will be prompt writing (though, if you're already working on something, you're free to do that) and the second half hour will be reading aloud and critiquing/giving suggestions. We might eventually try to do poetry slams and guest speakers to make it much more interesting of a group.

I had Literary Marketplace after that, and we focused on the dying market of bookstores/kindles/etc and what we thought of all of it. We'll be continuing our discussion next week, but I think it was really interesting. I'm not sure what to think of the kindle, but I don't think it's a bad thing. I never thought of writing as a field to make money in, so for people to get really upset that they're losing money in this technology craze kind of bothers me, because it isn't about the money. The only thing I'm upset about is losing the feeling you get when you curl up with a good book.

After that class, I worked on my short story homework, which took me an hour and a half because I kept dozing off! haha. Then I worked with this girl named Kara from my latin class on some latin homework. I'm kind of nervous for tomorrow, but slightly less so because I had someone to work with. Then I took my baby, Margot (my laptop), to IT services to get the sound fixed, where they proceeded to give me a laptop to borrow, where the sound doesn't work! gah.

I had dinner with Erin Semple, Jamie Slone, Corey Stevens, Abby Hils, Kori Hill, and Kelli Novitzke. It was an excellent dinner, full of laughs, theivery, and deceit. haha. I really love how social my first week has been, and I'm really hoping to keep this going throughout the year, even when my coursework gets the best of me.

Then we met with the prospective members to start them on their journey through learning about our chapter. I'm really excited for this DO class. I feel like they will bring so much to the chapter.



Moria said...

haha sounds like you had a good "happy hump day":P we said that all the time at school.

Tim Parenti said...

Your Literary Marketplace discussion reminds me of a recent essay by young-adult novelist John Green about the future of reading, and how it doesn't so much lie in the medium used (books vs. digital) as in where we buy the content (traditional booksellers vs. Amazon and the like). It's a good read, if you're interested.