Thursday, January 14, 2010

I just had a really intense dream about my mother being scammed. I'm really upset about it, because I thought my mother would have been smarter than that. It was the stupidest scam ever, too. Some lady came up to my car (which I was currently struggling to park haha). She said that there was reported an accident, and so we had to enter into some computer system she had that we owed them money, and my mom put into the system (even though there wasn't an accident!) her credit card number and social and everything, took my mom's cell phone, ruined my phone, and all this other stuff, so we couldn't even call 911. It was ridiculous, and I'm just so upset about it.

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Tim Parenti said...

I find this intriguing, and have no words to explain my thoughts. So I'll let the CAPTCHA do it for me:

That's dense.