Saturday, January 02, 2010

First Two Days

So this is the second day of the year. Yesterday went really well. I worked from 9-5, which involved a lot of New Years cleaning, but it was really nice, since there weren't that many customers. Then I went out to dinner with Moria, Blair, and KZ. I wore my new pink peacoat, and I felt so cute :D We obviously went to Eat N Park. Then I went to the Celebration of Trees, where my mom, my great aunt, my little sister and I saw a bunch of different trees. Afterwards, I went home and played on the computer.

Compliment on Day 1: "You look incredibly cute in that pink jacket."

Today, my plans to hang out with my aunt were canceled, because she wasn't feeling well. So I slept in a little later. Then I went shopping with Kerry Jo. We super shopped. I got a sweater dress, a yellow t-shirt, a pink indie style shirt, two book bag purses, a scarf-hat-glove set, a book, pink leggings, and a pair of shoes. My total was less than $50. :D

Compliment on Day 2: "You're really good bargain shopper."

I really like these compliments, because they make me smile at things I'm good at, liking wearing pink and shopping. haha. I'm writing them in a really cute book, and I'm hoping to keep them up :D

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Moria said...

that pink jacket was cute:P I like your compliments:D