Sunday, January 03, 2010

Crazy Dream

I just had a crazy dream where I was walking somewhere (not in Pittsburgh or Oxford), and I saw this fountain that was absolutely crazy broken. It was this square fountain inside a square of townhouses. I knocked on this one red house and they said to call the police. The kids said something about how it wasn't them. My conversation on the phone went something like "Hi, I'm somewhere I don't know and these kids said they didn't, well, they had this face that was like they were lying, but I don't know, actually it wasn't the kids, but this fountain is spouting like crazy and I'm at 5356 (I can't remmber the street name)..." and then I remembered it was the red house two houses down, "no wait I lied I'm at 5653 (don't ask why two houses down is that much of a difference haha)"

Needless to say, I had trouble saying anything in my dream haha.

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Tim Parenti said...

Reminds me a tiny bit of my dream from 2007 in which room 620 is inexplicably next to room 699.