Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday :D

So, last night was beautiful. Luke and I went for a two hour drive, and then about a half hour walk back, which involved taco bell, laying in the middle of the street, getting gas, and stopping to go to the bathroom. But what it mostly involved was MUSIC :D I love singing, but we all know I'm not that great. Now, Timothy Lucas can really sing. He didn't used to, but now it's like epically good. I'm excited to hear more of it. :D

Today, I woke up at 9 and began finishing my english stuff. I got my journal completed last night, so all I had was my paper. I was finished by 10:30 (I wrote 6 pages in an hour and a half?), and so I went to Scott for breakfast. Yay! After that, I went to the CPA and signed lots of people's cards, who went to things I ushered. I get to sign a lot of things since I usher most things. It's really nice.

Then, I practiced through my entire piece with Luke, which went quite well, despite a few spots where I messed up. After that, I filled out my jury forms. Then I went to the physics department to petition my science class from this summer. At first he seemed against it, because it was an algebra based course, but then he read my petition letter and agreed to sign it. So all I need to do is get my advisor's signature and all is well. :D

I finished my final for theatre lab today, which involved writing down a log of everything I did. So I feel a little iffy on that because I only have 34.5 hours, and I think the average is 40-50. I was sick, so I hope she won't hold that against me.

Jury in two and a half hours. :-\

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Moria said...

Good luck with juries and the rest of finals! Laying in the middle of the street is fun:) My juries are today too.