Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's now Wed morning.

So my jury went alright. It was a little bit nerve racking, and I was a whole lot nervous, so I messed up a lot. But whatevs. I'm going to the office today to check out my comments. After my jury I worked, then went to Karaoke. I go to Karaoke every Monday night, 'cept that I never sing. haha. Tuesday morning I worked (yay all this working I'm doing during finals week...oops). After work, we had a group meeting for econ, and it helped me a lot for the second half of the test, but I still have no idea what I'm doing about the first part. Oh well. I came back to my room to study for latin, but that never happened. So instead I took a nap, then listened to the Cheezies before finally going to Charles Roth's place to play video games until 1am. haha. And now I have my latin exam at 10. I have an A in the class, so hopefully the final won't kill that.