Thursday, May 14, 2009


I eat out a lot. At least, since I've been home.

Friday: Eat N Park for Lunch. The Food Court at the mall for a smoothie for dinner.
Saturday: Eat N Park for breakfast. Fridays for lunch. (Brandi's for dinner.)
Sunday: Work for lunch. (Home cooked meal for dinner.)
Monday: (Cereal for brunch). Eat N Park for an early dinner.
Tuesday: (Cereal for breakfast.) Panera for lunch. Work for dinner. Eat N Park for late night gab fest.
Wednesday: (Peanut butter sandwhich for brunch.) Burger King/Arby's for dinner.

So 10/15 meals so far have been eating out. And really, I've only had one home cooked meal. Wow.


Tim said...

I simply could not eat at the same place four times in five days. You really love Eat'n Park.

And why didn't you go to Friday's on Friday? Goodness. That's like eating at Ruby Tuesday on a Wednesday. It just doesn't make any sense.

Tim said...

Nevertheless, our family does have some of those busy stretches where we go through just about every restaurant in Girard in a week. We try not to have those too often, though.