Thursday, May 14, 2009

College Part 8, unnecessary but needed

-Because I hate the number 7, I had to make it even.-

So where from here? After my freshman year, I've made a lot of friends (parts 1 and 2), have a ton of great memories, (parts 3-6) and learned more than I ever could (part 7). Now what?

One thing I plan on doing in college is getting closer to those friends I made and making new friends. Friends are probably the most valuable thing someone can have, and I'm very glad of every single one of them. I want to hang out with Timothy Lucas, obviously, a lot more than I did last semester. I focused (sort of) on school work more than I did on anything else. I also, obviously again, want to get closer to my sisters in DO. I love all of them and really want us to bond more than we have. I'm hoping for a lot more FUMA/DO Game nights. :D So that I can also hang out and bond with fumas.

I want to figure out music. I have until the end of next year, but still, I would like to figure it out before then, really. I'm not sure how or what is going to help, but I really need to figure it out. I definitely want to get the BA in Music Comp, but I don't know if it's worth it, if I can get it, or what I'd do once going towards the degree. I want to join Chorale, but I'd have to do symphony band/marching band if I did flute. I don't know if I'd want to be a vocal student and just do chorus, though. Personally, I wish I could do Chorale and flute. :-\ But like I said, my goal for next year is to figure this out!

I can't be taking 22 credit hours again. At least not while working. And since I have to work, I can't take 22 credit hours. But so many of my credits are devoted/taken up by non required classes. Piano- 1, Lessons- 2, Steel Band- 1 and if I get into chorale- 2. So I can really only take four other classes. Theory and Sightsinging =3, so really only 3 non music classes. While I guess I can get by taking only three classes a semester, I'm not sure I am comfortable with that. There's so much I want to do. Blah for being overly ambitious.

I plan on doing more. I know I've stated this in a previous note, so I won't go into detail. I was making a resume the other day and realized I didn't do anything. So that is going to need some real work.

I also want to figure out things I can do with my major. I love English, and there are so many opportunities to do with it, but I haven't found my place in it, yet.

I've learned so much and taken so much from my freshman year of college. If every year affects me as this one does, I'll probably end up a great person. :D So my plan is to keep improving myself and figuring out myself.


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