Wednesday, May 13, 2009

First Blog about my summer (interrupting my college memories)



Summer started on May 7th, when I got home from college around 7pm. I went out with Jay Benze. We watched Yes, Man. It was actually a really, really good movie. It reminded me a lot of me. I really should say yes more often. I'm so overly protective of myself. I spent some of the time with Jay crying over college, but it was nice because I realized how much college is a part of me. I love having Jay there when ever I need someone to hold onto. This is gonna be a tough summer, but at least I have school and work to get me by for the first couple of weeks. I'm also going for my driver's license. So I'll definitely be busy, but it still won't be the same.

Friday was Andrea Day. It was great. I woke up after sleeping in, I went to Eat N Park with Jay, I visited school, and we watched a movie Jay wanted to see. I practiced parking...once. Haha. Then we went to Kathlene's viewing. I can't handle death very well, especially in younger people. Especially because Bethel keeps dying. Kathlene was so good at life. She was going to Harvard. She was making something of herself. After we visited her, we went to the mall to eat. I just got a smoothie (which Juanis thought would be funny to put bananas in. *pout*) Then we went home. I got a nice surprise party. People I never get to see were there. KZ, Morea, IbbyAnn, B-lair, and Vickie were there. Well, and Jay, because he drove me there. It was nice. I love Andrea Day. I know it's just another thing that makes me completely selfish, but I mean, whatever. Haha.

Saturday, I completely put my room together. Except for my clothes. Or maybe I did that Friday? I also went to an eye appointment. Which was funny, 'cause it was supposed to have it at 10:30, but mommy thought it was at 9. So we went to breakfast at Eat N Park, then to a book sale. I got 7 dollars worth of books, which ended up being 12 books. :D After the eye appointment, we went to Kohl's to go shopping. I bought 44 dollars worth of stuff- a pair of jeans, a pair of kahkis, and two pairs of capris. I attempted to get a swim suit, too, but apparently I don't fit into anything. We had a late lunch at Friday's. I took a nap until 5:30, which I desperately needed after waking up at 8. Jay picked me up for the party, and then we played apples to apples. It was lots of fun. I love Brandi. She's going into the army, which doesn't make any sense at all, but since when did Brandi make sense? Jay and I went swing dancing around 8:30, until about 10:45, when I decided I was done. I love swing dancing, but I don't like doing the same thing over and over again. Jay's so good at swing dancing. He threatened to take Lauren over me, which is upsetting, but I can understand. I always get bored of it after like two hours, even though swing dancing goes until midnight. But I really do enjoy it. It's something Jay and I can do together. And I like how good he is at it.

Sunday, I worked. I went for a half hour walk before I started, which was nice, but I doubt a half hour is gonna do anything. Work wasn't as bad as I remember it. Probably because I worked with a lot of good working people. And I only had to close back taco. I know I'm not going to enjoy it for too much longer. After work, I did absolutely nothing but eat dinner with my family, play uno, and facebook. It was nice to relax and do nothing, but at the same time, I hate doing nothing.

Yesterday, I blogged a lot, took a nap, and didn't really do much. I had the house to myself, which wasn't very exciting. I showed Timothy Lucas my room. Even though I lost most of my stuff in the water main break, I still have a ton of stuff. I can't remember how everything fit before. Haha. It definitely doesn't fit even now. Though, back then I had the whole basement and a walk in closet. Now I just have my little square room. Jay and I went to Eat N Park (that's three eat n park trips to two different eat n parks in less than a week :D, though I still haven't been to spep.) Then we watched Seven Pounds. I really liked that movie, actually. It was nice.

Today, so far, I haven't done anything. I woke up around 9:30, took a shower, blogged, facebooked, etc. I found a list of things to do over the summer to keep busy. A lot of people said “Get a Job”...I already have a job. Does that mean a job is supposed to keep you busy enough to not need anything else? I have a job and I'm still completely bored. I'm going to try blogging every day. I'm going to be taking summer classes. I want to hang out with Kjo, KZ, and some other people. I want to get flute lessons, but I'm not sure where they'll fit in, yet. Other than that, I'm not sure what to do. I don't really have friends to hang out. I don't have my license to go driving anywhere. It never mattered to me whether or not I had it, but this summer is different. I really wish I could drive. There's so many places I would go. Or maybe I'd just drive into nowhere. My test is June 3rd, so we'll see how that goes. If I get my license, I'm going to go up to Luke for his birthday. May 29th, I'm going to go see Spring Awakening with Kerry Jo. That'll be exciting. :D

So even though Jay and I don't have a song, Luke and I do. The first lines are: What would I do if I had not met you? Who would I blame my life on? Falsettos sing What would I do, and really it's all about me and Luke. Who would I do if you had not been my friend? I've been listening to it for a while now. It makes me smile.

Seriously, look it up.

Person of the Week: I feel like everyone has been person of the week. I'm making Kim my person of the week. She tried her hardest to make it so I could stay at college one more day, and she is my Pittsburgh buddie. We're going to have to hang out this summer, Kim!


Janelaine said...

hey there miss andrelas
just so you know, andrea day is an international holiday now; tim and i took a moment to remember and celebrate while we were in china!! :D

Tim said...

This is true! We did celebrate it in Shanghai (上海)!


Also, the phrase "to close back taco" is extremely odd when removed from context. Just thought I'd point that out.