Friday, May 22, 2009


Summer classes are awful. I'm in class for like, ever, learning the same things I already know, and then I'm in the car for another hour onto a new class. It's like that all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It's disgusting. The only class I like is history. I mean, I took history in high school, but I didn't really learn anything, because I was stressing out over everything else junior year. As you can see in my goals list on the side of this blog, I failed at getting higher than a C in it. Which isn't exciting. But I really like this class. I just took my first quiz, and got a 56/60. The two questions I missed I feel like I chose the "second best" choice, since they were both accurate, just not the "best" choice, so I mean, at least I wasn't completely off. In fact, I'm thinking of arguing about the one question, but I don't know. Either way, I'm glad I did so well on it.

Physics class is nice because I get my homework done in class. I don't have to do any outside thinking for the class. I can sort of get my math homework done in class, too, but I usually end up sleeping. We have our first test in that class on Tuesday.

Psychology is my online class. We have weekly exams online. I have until Tuesday to take the first exam on Chapters 1 and 2. Unfortunately I haven't even looked at the book yet. I've been so busy in classes and stuff.

So my to do for this weekend: Finish math homework due Tuesday. Do history online assignment and online discussion. Study and take Psychology exam.

So yeah, yay for school work.


Moria said...

i hear ya. i have a ton of homework to do this weekend too:-\

Janelaine said...

are you referring to mr. hare's class of death, our junior year, when we would both cry on the way to class because we didn't want to go??
hahaha gooood tiiiiimes. :p

Lexi Elizabeth said...

THATS EXACTLY WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT JANE HENKELS! haha. Man, Jane Henkels, we both wanted to kill ourselves. haha. I remember when we had to walk backwards the one day, and it had a completely different feeling. haha.

Tim said...

Despite your feelings about them, it's nice that your major allows you to take so many summer classes closer to home. There is no way I'd be able to do that with engineering, especially once you get up to the higher-level stuff. But classes like these are offered everywhere, and you'll get a similar experience no matter where you take them.

Kudos to you for working hard toward your goals!