Monday, May 25, 2009

I miss Jay. A lot. I've been thinking about some of my favorite moments with him. I think one of my favorites will always be New Years Eve at Liz Pegg's house, which ironically, I come home to a comment on that picture after thinking about it from Jay Benze. awww. But the moment when we're waiting for his parents and he's just got his hands in my hoodie pocket, comfortable and cute. We weren't dating then, though he knew I liked him. I remember that entire night Liz Pegg said I should kiss him at midnight. Who knew it would take me two months to even say yes to dating him, and over half a year before I could kiss him? I just love everything about the pace of our relationship, even though I hate never seeing each other. I realize that's the way it has to be: we probably wouldn't be together right now if we hadn't gone through this whole long distance thing, but at the same time, man does it hurt to never get to see my boyfriend, never get texts from him, never get to talk to him. My aunt dated my uncle for six months before getting married. In those six months, they didn't see each other only 3 days. Out of six months! I can't even imagine seeing Jay that many days in a row.

I miss him a whole bunch.


When he gets back from Germany, I'm going to make sure we see each other a lot. I have this huge problem of never knowing what to do, but at the same time, I love being with him. :-\

This post is sort of random, but I'm just really sad.

Which is funny, since I'm not always sad at college. Even if we go 6 weeks without seeing each other then.

I guess that's what loneliness does to a person.

That and the fact that being home reminds me of Jay more than college does.



Hounddog said...

I love you. <3

Hounddog said...

Is it sad that I forgot the web address of this site, and to find it I simply googled "Jay Benze"?

That's also how I can find Tim's blog :D

Tim said...

@Hounddog: Yes, that's sad. Although I gave my blog an easier-to-remember URL recently.