Tuesday, April 28, 2009


1. Physics Project tomorrow. This is #1 on list of things to focus on.
2. Piano- learn how to play the Chromatic Rag. Seriously.
Then learn the harmonization and scales.
3. Shakespeare Paper due Thursday.
4. Lesson on Thursday.
5. Journalism Papers- TWO OF THEM (ANDREA GET ON IT!)
6. Fiction- Edit story.

Here's my finals week:
Monday: Flute Juries at 1:30pm

Tuesday: Piano Exam at 1:12pm.
Sightsinging/Dictation Exam at 5:30pm.
Intro to Poetry Exam at 7:45pm.

Wednesday: Physics for Music Exam at 9:30am.
Work 12:15-4:30pm.

Thursday: Music Theory Exam at 7:30 am (yucky yucky yucky).
Fiction Portfolio due at noon.
Journalism Dialogue Essay due at 7:45 pm.

I'm hoping to have my papers finished before Thursday, so that we can pack up and leave on thursday. I work the entire weekend, so we'll see how that pans out, but I definitely want to party/hang out with friends before I leave, so I might not get to studying much this weekend.
Thankfully I don't really have anything going on Friday during the day, so I can actually get a lot of work done. I plan on working on my essays and stuff then, and definitely practicing for my jury.


Tim said...

Good Lord! Over 11,000 words on this blog for me to catch up on. Well, I'd better get started. I think I'll go to bed part way through, though.

Tim said...

I'd say "good luck," but at this point it would be pointless.