Thursday, April 23, 2009

Can we call it crazy?

I seriously might be insane for taking 22 credit hours this semester. Even more so for putting so much onto two days/one day. Next semester, I'm limiting myself to 18 or 19 credit hours. I'm still going to be taking so many classes that don't really count towards anything, but that's okay. I'm a single major now, so I'm going to have to take so many classes that don't really count. And I'm find with that. I'm going to learn so much from all of this, at least that's what I'm hoping, and so it doesn't really matter too too much that I'm wasting a lot of time.

In other news, my Rent trip with Luke was great. Sorry I didn't blog about it. Last weekend was amazing too. We did a lot of DO stuff: Friday was DO FUMA game night, Saturday was glee club concert+ matt's recital (he's amazing), and Sunday was the Musical Friends and Spotlight recital.

This week has gone by really fast. It is already Thursday. I've been trying to hang out with Luke a lot more. I'm not going to see him for a very, very long time. And that really upsets me, because just when I finally have someone else in my life who I can seriously say is almost as close to me as Jay, he has to go and leave me all by myself this summer, too. Lamesauce. But that's exactly why I'm trying to hang out with him. Last night, I really wanted to go on a walk with him and talk to him. We ended up going for a short walk with Shanna and Emily, which was nice, but obviously you can't confess your soul when there are other people around. So whatev. Maybe he doesn't deserve to know, anyways :-P But seriously, though, I'm going to miss him. This semester was probably the worst decision I've ever made, and to top it all off, I never got to see Luke. I remember like Jan/Feb, I was literally going crazy over missing people: Luke and Jay. First semester I was okay with not being with Jay because I had Luke, and then I began depending on Luke, so when he was gone, I was literally not okay. I've gotten better, but I'm such a needy, dependent person, so it's hard.

News: I'm going to see Jay this weekend! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

I need a person of the week. Tyler Swaffar is going to be PotW because he is going to drive me to Jay's!


Janelaine said...

yes, we can call it crazy. you are most definitely crazy for taking so many credits. stop that!
i almost died this semester from 17 credits... though about 6 of those were for classes that i hate!!... so that might have something to do with it...

Lara <3 said...

I'm procrastinating finals this week and reading through yoru old blog posts. :D YAY! I see you said Lamesauce...that is totally awesome!!! :D