Thursday, April 30, 2009

First College All Nighter (post about life)

So the year is almost over. I don't know how I've managed to hold together this long. Mostly it's because I skipped classes, took nice long walks, and avoided homework at all costs. I didn't skip that many classes, all things considered.
-I missed Shakespeare three times, twice because I was unprepared, and a third because I decided I wanted to have a happy Thursday.
-I missed poetry class four times, twice for being sick, once for Steel Band, and once for Piano Forum.
-I missed theory five times, all on fridays, twice for laundry and three for sleeping in.
-I missed fiction class once to register for a room next year.
-I missed journalism twice: once for being overworked that day, once for a lesson.
-I missed sightsinging once to do Shakespeare homework (Five hours of movie watching)
-I missed Steel Band once to go see Jay Benze.
-I missed Studio class for the composition forum, which turned out to be very interesting.
-I missed physics approx. 3 times due to practicing piano (the class I have after physics).

* I NEVER MISSED: a lesson, or piano class. * I (YAY!)

I started the year by walking with Box after piano class, but then we both kind of got really busy, so we stopped doing that. I started going to Lauren's office hour after piano class on Wednesdays.

I've been to every concert this semester except for Chorale last weekend since I was visiting Jay Benze and the Cheezies concert because I went to Chicago to see Rent. I went home to see my high school's musical. I spent a week at Katie's house. Two weekends were full of DO Madness (which I loved): initiation/sleepover, and the weekend of game night and both musical friends and spotlight. I went to the Bicentennial Ball, which involved Jay being here for an entire weekend. So in short, I've been keeping myself very busy with things that aren't homework.

Well, now it's all caught up to me. The class I have the most work in is poetry class.

Poetry class: So, I turned in every paper assignment, but I had started sending them through email to not waste my roommates' paper. Well, turns out I got a 7/13 for all the papers due. He said he didn't check the things sent for email, but if we print them out for Thursday, we can get credit for them. Well, I can't find everything. I've found everything except my "source" poems, my sonnet, and well, I didn't do the last one: the cut up poems. So I have to redo those. BLAH! We also had to post on blackboard twice a week, once on the creative board and once on the critical board. Well, I kept up with it well in the beginning, and then I only posted on the critical board because I don't really like writing poetry (or well, I don't feel like my poetry is good).

Shakespeare Class: Writing the final. We've had the prompts for a month now. I just kept putting it off for other homework, both because I've actually been busy with other homework and been in class, plus because I always procrastinate. So it's due tomorrow. I have the proper word count, but not the proper page count (2000 words, 8 pages...I have six do I get two more pages with the same number of words??)

Journalism Class: Edited essay. So we wrote three essays in the class, we're allowed to edit one of the first two for a better grade. I have to edit the first one, mostly because it sounded rushed and unprepared (go figure, I procrastinate, what else do you expect? bahhh!), so I sort of procrastinated the editing of that for the same reasons as everything else.

Lessons: So I was sort of supposed to practice this week. Where on earth did the week go? I practiced last Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and this Monday and Tuesday, but I skipped four other days, due to other homework I had to do. I used to be able to practice 8-9 hours a week. At the beginning of the semester. Now I don't have time. Ever. And when I do practice, I never get anything done. I guess I practiced mostly over an hour each day, almost two hours on two of the days, so I guess that's good. But I should be practicing even more. I have so much to learn, so much to do to play better.

Fiction Class: I have kept up really, really well in this class, mostly because it's my favorite class. I love my teacher, I love editing stories, and I love seeing what people more experienced than I am are doing. Different techniques of writing, different ideas, new tricks. However, we have two more stories to edit tomorrow: mine and this boy named Chip's. Well, I haven't even printed Chip's story out yet. I wrote my critique on it from what I read online, but I just don't have access to a printer, so I don't know if I'll ever get to properly edit it. I feel bad because after reading it, there's so much I wanted to mark. :'(

So anticipated grades:
ENG 123 (poetry(: B+ or A-. I got a B on our midterm, and even thought I've turned in everything but one assignment, he didn't count them because of my emailing them, so I doubt that I'll get full credit.

ENG 320 (fiction): A. This class is my favorite :D

ENG 372 (shakespeare): B. I've gotten a B on absolutely everything except one quiz that I got an A on. So yeah, about that...

JRN 101H: A or B. I didn't fail any quizzes, and I participated a lot in class. I used to stay after and talk to the professor, and at the beginning I was really interested, but then I got busy. The only thing that's sucked in that class have been my essays. :'( So that might get me a B.

MUS 102 (theory): A. I participate, I show up, I do the homework, I understand it, etc.

MUS 109 (steel band): A. It's a band. I showed up, I participated, and had fun. :D

MUS 142 (lessons): B or C. If I properly tongue during juries, I'll get a B, if I don't, I'll get a C. Her rules.

MUS 152 (Sightsinging): Hoping for an A, but it really relies on this last final. I got an A on everything except one exam that I got a C on, so that brought it down.

MUS 160 (piano): I'll get an A in the class no matter what, but I may or may not fail the exam. If you fail one section, you can't move on. So that's how it goes.

PHY 131 (physics for music): Probably a B+ or A-. I have an 87% as of right now. If I did well on our presentation and do well on the final, then I can bring it up to an A or A-, otherwise, it's gonna be a B+.

So overall, it'll be ~3.4 this semester. A whole lot lower than last semester, but not low enough to kick me out of the scholars program (3.3). So yay!

Next year, I want to be involved. I'm going to be doing a mentor's program for the honors/scholars next year. I'm also going to be doing DO. I'm trying out for Chorale, which unfortunately takes up 2 of my limited credit hours. *pout*. I want to do the paper and maybe a lit mag. I feel, though, like I've made a bad impression on a certain person in both organizations by not showing up to an organization I wanted to join at the beginning of this semester. So I don't know if my fear of him will stop me from doing these, but it might. I'm also applying for student manager for Shriver, as well as working at Amos. I know I won't get the job at Amos, but if I keep applying, they'll accept me sometime, right? But I really want a student manager position. I've never had a managing position; I've always been some lame worker who just stays at the same job for two years without advancing more than a tiny pay raise. So we'll see how that goes. I'm going to stay with Steel Band, which means I won't be doing community band ( :'( ). If anyone has anything cool they think I'd like to join, please help me decide! I want to do so much. It's just hard to find something I'll like, (No, Luke, I can't do academic team, no matter how much you say having brains doesn't matter- I already feel stupid enough around you).

Speaking of being more involved, I want to hang out with my family in DO more next year, or with DO in general. I feel like I don't know everyone as well as I could. So next year, I'm going to start making plans to hang out with people (if they aren't too busy). We'll see how that goes. I also might want to shadow someone (either Emily Venneman (YAY BIG) or Stephanie Neumann for their positions (director of publicity or director of musical activities)). Those are the positions I'm interested in running for next year. I understand that neither Emily nor Stephanie are graduating next year, so my chances of getting them are slim...but someone nominate me anyways?? YES! :D Thanks.

I also want to do our quartet. I know it isn't going to happen, but I really like music. :'( Plus, I have Kori teaching me violin, and Abby teaching me viola next year. Anyone wanna teach me cello and bass? Yes? Yay I love you!

So, I do have homework, but I really don't feel like focusing on it. I honestly don't want to do it, but I figure whatever, I have 6.5 hours to do it still. My paper should take me another 2, the poetry stuff another one or two, and then when it gets light out I'm going to go practice, but I need a shower in there somewhere. So that's how it goes. Journalism needs to fit in, too. Crap. Whatever. ahhh. Well, I'm gonna go, but I may be back!

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