Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bicentenial Ball with a PotW(45)

Caitlin Carlin is my person of the week because she and I hung out until 1 in the morning on Thursday night at the proctor's table mad libbing and at shriver eating. It was way fun. She's back on campus now (after having lived off campus for a couple weeks with her parents so she could focus on studying for exams she missed last semester due to mono). So now I see her all the time at the Proctor's table, and it is exciting.

Jay got here around 6 on Friday, and so we went to the amazing Gala (combined choir) concert. It was phenomenal. I loved all the pieces, 'cept for the one I missed because I had to go to the bathroom. After the concert, we went uptown to buy some food off TBS (Tau Beta Sigma) for their membership candidate fundraiser.

When we got back to the dorm, we ended up watching The Island with our quadmates, and then going to bed. The movie was good, but I dunno, I doubt I'd watch it again.

The ball was amazing. Everyone was so beautiful and the music was good. Well, most of the music was good. I'm happy that Jay enjoyed himself, even if he only likes Swing music.

I think that's it. :D

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