Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursdays of Hate.

Thursdays absolutely suck. I have 9am sightsinging and dictation for an hour. Which is a great class, and I absolutely love the teacher and all the people in it, I'm just really bad at it. Then at 10am I will have my flute lessons- starting next week. Bah. 11am is Flute Studio. Which had a meeting today and will start regularly in February- so at least I have that hour for the next month. Then 12:30-1:45 I have Shakespeare, which is a really hard class (it's a 300 level, which I didn't think would mean much, but after having to read over 200 pages in two days for a class, I realize now what that means). This class is currently 10 minutes away from my next class, but she's trying to move it across campus, making it a half hour walk. I don't know exactly what I'm going to do to fix that. I could catch the bus across the street at 1:43, if I leave class early every day, and make it to Peabody by 1:55. Otherwise I could catch the 2:04 bus and make it there by 2:15. My next class is my favorite class, intermediate fiction, so I don't want to miss 15 minutes of it. It starts at 2 and goes until 2:15. He's attempting to move this class as well, though I don't know where to. Hopefully closer to Benton, though really, Benton is forever away and I'd rather not have to walk there period, so I hope that doesn't get moved period. I picked out my classes based on their proximity to my living quarters and surrounding classes. It bothers me that I don't have it. Anyways, then I have to go all the way to Bachelor (which is about a 10 minute walk) for my 3:30-4:45 Intro to Journalism Honors class. Then I stay in Bachelor for my 5-6:15 Intro to Poetry class. Then I have Steel Band from 6:15-7:30. Yay. Then I can eat.

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