Sunday, January 25, 2009

The melody of midnight escapades.

Ignoring and not caring, I sing my way to class.
Drumming with two pencils on my desk.
After class, it's off to the CPA to practice.
Major scales on flute, minor on piano.
Marceau de Concour perfected by Thursday.
It's not like I'm a music major-
But I can't help but embrace the joy,
The expressive happiness of music.
I'll grab a sheet of blank score,
Start in 6/8, Ab minor.
The violins have the melody, but clarinet takes the stage
As it solos its way through the piece.
I can't seem to get the piano quite right,
I ask for some help from a composition master.
His name is Steve, he instantly begins
Chords and arpeggios and God knows what.
The piece is now complete.
Staring at Steve, I realize he's always known.
He's always completed my life, right where I have failed.
We use alcohol as our way of celebrating
As we make love by the swan pond,
Crickets chirping in the background, water dazzling around us.
The air swiftly singing our lullaby.


Tim said...

A-flat minor? Sounds like some torture I would come up with...

Lexi Elizabeth said...

That's the point.

Moria said...

i love this:D music poems are kind of amazing:)