Sunday, January 25, 2009


Saturday was amazing. :D

At 11, I had an interview with Catherine for Delta Omicron. We talked a lot about buying flutes and things, and she gave me a lot of tips and advice. Then I worked for 4 hours, talking to an architect major. Talk about a way cool major. Then we had quartet practice. It was kind of a total flop when we played my song, mostly because it's a fast song with a hard part for the clarinet, and I have no clue how to write piano music. So pretty much I felt like an idiot for even attempting to write. (Fail). Luke had to leave after a little bit, so Kori, Erin and I wrote a little bit more of our piece before going to dinner up at Erickson (best dining hall at Miami).

After that we went to the Glee Club concert, with visiting Glee Club from the University of Michigan. So our glee club sang a few songs from last semester/their winter competition, and then the Michigan Glee Club sang. They were crazy formal in lining up on stage, it scared Erin and me. haha. But then they sang Sound Off and it was the best song ever. Once they record it, I'm gonna buy it. haha. After the concert, Erin, Kori, Jenni, Lara, Andy and I went to see Steve Mullen and Caia Black and some other guy I don't know the name of play at Kofeyna. I love Kofeyna, by the way. It's like the best place ever to exist. Steve Mullen was this really, really, REALLY cute piano player, and Caia is also rushing DO.

After about an hour of being there, we left to go to the Glee Club party. We being Luke, Zach (Zack?), Erin and I. We met up with another Zach when we got there and the party was phenomenal. I want to always go to Glee Club parties because they sing and it's great. Luke left early, but Erin and I stayed with Zach Kitzler and pointed out cute boys. One boy, Josh, came up and talked to us. By us I really mean me, but to be fair, he did eventually say hi to Erin and Zach. He kept running into me all night and saying my name (because I didn't believe he'd remember me), and then when I was about to leave, he asked me to stay, but I didn't.

Anyways, the whole reason I'm posting today to begin with is because of what happened at the party. We were singing and dancing and jumping. There was this really intense song, and hitting the walls wasn't enough to make the drumming sound, so we all started jumping up and down. Well, with two Glee Clubs of men and a bunch of girls all squeezed into a cheap house, we broke the floor. Yes, the floor literally dipped beneath us, cracking the middle of the floor. We didn't break all the way through, thank God, but man, it was the scariest, most amazing thing ever. Haha. Talk about intense.

Anyways, that's the whole point of this post.

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Tim said...

Oh, wow! That would be scary!

Glad you're alright!