Tuesday, January 20, 2009

In Procrastination Attempts.

Okay, so class update.

ENG 372- Man, I really like this class. I feel like everyone and everything is up to my level. Even though I don't like Shakespeare, I've decided I like this class. To read Shakespeare, I first read the Sparknotes and then read the play. Then watch the movie. It's a highly effective method, and I approve.

ENG 320- I love my teacher in this class. Seriously, he's like the coolest person ever. He sits very unconformatively in his chair, kind of like Batboy did before he was trained to sit properly. He has a great accent, Alisha says it's Southern, but it isn't a rich southern. The class really makes me want to write.

ENG 123- Well, I have Howe- I had him last semester. He's been sick so far, so we haven't done much, which sucks because I really want to discuss some poetry!

JRN 101H- I'm not sure how I feel about this class so far. I mean, I'm learning a ton of things just through the videos we're watching, and I'm highly intrigued, but other than that, we haven't done much yet.

PHY 131- This is really just a repeat of high school physics, only simpler. haha. Which is nice, 'cept it makes me not want to work.

ALL OF MY MUSIC CLASSES- They're pretty much great. I'm loving my new music theory class and everyone in it, I love sightsinging, and piano is the best class ever. I'm going ot start taking lessons soon, which is exciting, plus Steel Band pretty much rocks my socks.

LAKE: I'm doing a quartet with a couple of my friends; Luke on piano, Kori on violin, Erin on clarinet, and obviously I'm on flute. It's random, we write our own music, and I'm excited.

DO: DO is going very smoothly. We have to do interviews with all of the actives; I've had two so far, 7 more scheduled for this week, and so that leaves me with 3 more to go: Ashley, Emily Moses, and Kayla. We're doing a fundraiser next week: Breakfast at the CPA :D Monica, Kori, and I have to plan a menu, then wake up extremely early and go get the food and sell it :D Yay. haha. We're doing a couple of other fundraisers, all for a sweet music department related service project. We're also doing a concert, called All the Single Ladies :D (there are four of us that aren't single). So maybe we should be different? Whatevs. It's just all happening so fast that I'm afraid I'll miss something. The hardest part is studying for the exam, definitely. Way too much to study for, not enough time. We're also planning a PM Party, which'll be way fun.

PotW is Jenni Patton, because she's in two of my classes this semester, and she rocks. :D I don't know if she's been person of the week before, since I don't keep a list up anymore, so if she has, I'm sorry, I'll change it if someone informs me.


Tim said...

Nah, she hasn't been awarded PotW yet. Just run a search from the top of your blog if you're ever unsure.

And besides, if someone truly deserved a second PotW award, wouldn't you give it to them anyway?

Lexi Elizabeth said...

Eventually, I'll double the PotW awards, but there are so many people I love that I want to make sure get one!