Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Silly Little Traditions.

So, now that I've become adapt to college life, I've realized I've adapted a very repetitive and traditional way of life- already. I've always been that way, so it's only natural it would happen at college.

My biggest "tradition" is Ice Cream Days with Luke. Twice a week, Luke and I have ice cream together and sit in our "ice cream chairs" while we talk. Occasionally we'll have guests join us, but mostly it's just us as we eat our ice cream and talk. Today was our ice cream day, and I didn't go. I have been sick for a while now and so I slept for two hours, putting off homework even later and later. So that's really upsetting.

Luke and I also periodically go on walks. We've been on three so far this year, but each time, I feel like it's just the best time of my life. I'm really glad we don't do it more often, or it would lose its sentimentality or something, but I really like that we do it.

We're starting breakfast Fridays with our theory class. I can't make it this Friday because I have a meeting with the flute professor, but it's exciting that our theory class is becoming so close to one another. Last semester, everyone was still sort of shy and in their own world, trying to adapt to college, but now that we're back, we're as excited as ever to start our group getting close. The same thing with sightsinging. We had breakfast once, but I think we're going to continue it, which'll be nice and fun and exciting :D

I think that's one thing I really like about the music department- the closeness of its members. Because there are so many classes required, we're forced to be together most of our day. Creative writing, the classes don't really connect you as much because there is such a range of them. I think that's one of the biggest things that attracts me to the music department. I mean, it was the same in high school- we were all very close. So that's exciting.

One thing that bothers me is my lack of inspiration or desire to do homework. I love all of my classes, especially the teachers, the level of thinking, and discussion we do in classes, so why can't I for the life of me do the homework?! I really like the stuff we're doing in class- I like the readings, but I can never find the willpower to actually read them. And it's not like I'm doing anything better with my life. I'm sitting here blogging. :-\ I'm not even like, writing- you know, my career. Lame. Fail. :(.

So if anyone has any concentration advice, please- I'm all ears.

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