Monday, January 05, 2009

Fated Love

How could two of the most random people fall in love?
Is it fate?
Are we controlled by actions already planned out for us?
Otherwise, how could we have met,
how could we have coincidentally been into many of the same things?
But I try not to believe in fate.
I like to control my life, my thoughts, my actions.
But something tells me God meant for you to be with me.
You are the one,
If there is such thing.
And it's funny, because our lives are leading us in different places.
So if fate does exist, what is its plan for us?
To love no matter the distance?
I'm not sure. I mean, I would do that anyways.
With or without fate.
But there's something telling me that you were planned into my life,
Long before I believed in love and happy endings.
Long before I knew you.
Like even though fate doesn't really exist,
We were meant to be.
Does that even make sense? Can that even happen?
Where would we be if you hadn't fallen in love with me?
Who would we be if I never let you walk me to class?
Was there even a choice?
I bet you knew all along,
this fate thing would pull us together.
You were just waiting for me to realize it, too.

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