Monday, January 05, 2009

Second Semester Schedule:

These are my classes for next semester:

ENG 123 Intro to Poetry -- 3 cr.
ENG 330 Intermediate Fiction -- 3 cr.
ENG 372 Shakespeare's Early Plays -- 3 cr.
JRN 101 Intro to Journalism -- 3 cr.
MUS 102 Theory of Music -- 2 cr.
MUS 152 Sightsinging and Dictation -- 1 cr.
MUS 161 Functional Piano -- 1 cr.
PHY 131 Physics for Music -- 3 cr.

Total Credits- 19.

I've decided not to work America Reads next semester. I need some time for myself. The calendar above shows my normal week. Some weeks will have Thursday Flute Studio from 11-12pm and even rarer Tuesdays 11-12pm Woodwind Forum.



Tim said...

Looks like a great schedule for someone like yourself. And there's a little bit of breathing room, too, which is always nice.

Enjoy yourself and good luck!

Tim said...

Of course, silly me just realized your six straight hours of classes on Tu/Th. That might become a pain.

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