Thursday, October 02, 2008

Creative. Writing.

I love my intro to creative writing class. I love it because we get to do a whole lot of writing.

I'm writing a short story right now about a girl who has the perfect life. She does charity work on her birthday, has a best friend, has a boyfriend, she's nice to everyone. Everyone around her is having problems, but her life continues the same. She feels guilty about it; she doesn't know what to do to fix it. She tries to help everyone out, but she's unexperienced in life. She was raised with a family who has a ton of money, she has never been sick (besides an occasional cough or flu), she doesn't understand bad.

I'm not sure where to go from here, but there are a couple directions I could take.

1. Finally throw something bad into her life- like a death of a parent and she has no idea what to do or even how to feel.

2. Have her rebel against her perfect life- perhaps have her cut herself because she wants to feel pain with rest of the people, finally digging herself into such depression that something serious happens.

3. Have everything go perfectly for her for the rest of her life, driving her crazy, her friends crazy, family crazy, and ultimately the reader crazy.

I think I like number 2 the best, but maybe I'll write all three versions? haha.

I'm pumped. :D

I also have to write a poem form of my story; obviously it doesn't have to be as long.

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Tim said...

I don't know how you could make Idea #3 interesting and engaging. Really. There'd be an inherent disconnect between the story and all of its readers, because no one has a "perfect" life for long.

But I do think that Ideas #1 and #2 could very easily be merged. Idea #2 on its own could make you out to be suicidal, which no one wants. But perhaps she goes through a state of confusion, ends up cutting herself for lack of anything better, and then thinks "so this is what pain feels like," and spirals?

Just a thought. From an engineer. Take it for what it's worth.