Sunday, October 05, 2008

Andrea's Weekend

This weekend was pretty cool.

Thursday- I started piano lessons :D I'm so super glad. I practiced piano for a bit on Thursday before botany, meaning that I didn't eat dinner. After botany, I went to Alex's for a couple games of Smash and ended up watching the first Saw. It was extremely scary, but so clever that I want to watch the others (but not in darkness).

Friday- I woke up at 7 so that I could go practice piano at the CPA. I practiced for almost an hour before I had class, and then I practiced piano after band for another half hour. Then after coming back to my boring dorm, I practiced for another two and a half hours. TOTAL PIANO=4 hours. haha.

Saturday- The game sucked. I hate our football team and I dislike marching band. I'm glad that I'll only be marching one show. (yay). It was a great experience and I love all of my friends from marching band, but I honestly do not have time for marching band. It takes over my entire life. After the game, we went to Global Rhythms. If you did not go to this, you should kill yourself now because you'll regret it. This was absolutely PHENOMENAL. By phenomenal, I mean it was the best rhythmical music I have ever heard. After this performance of a lifetime, Lukeboy, Leah, Josh, and I went to the Bring a Note party. The party was a lot of fun- playing Kings with water was fun (especially waterfalling). Luke and I left around 1:30, but I didn't get home until 2:30. bah.

Sunday- Went to an equestrian thing, couldn't do radio, hung out with Luke while doing laundry. After putting my laundry in the dryer, Luke and I went to Scott, but Scott was closed so we went to Alexander, then we hiked to Coldstone, ate there, ran back to Emerson so that I could race all the way back to King Library (yeah, silly order to go in, right?).


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Tim said...

I didn't go to Global Rhythms. Something about being 300 miles away.

But I did have a very fun Saturday, too.