Monday, February 04, 2008


So pretty much I stopped all of my resolutions to focus on school. Which is awful because I really loved writing every day and I loved doing all those things, but really, when you have a D in physics, I think all that changes. So hopefully once my school work gets back on track, I can pick up again with everything?

I basically got my physics grade up to a B, but that took a lot of effort and a lot of talking to Mrs. Dietz about my grade. I think she just couldn't handle me going to the counselors if I did end up with a D in her class, but either way, I'm not getting a D or even a C in that class. I will however be getting a C in English. Which is completely ridiculous given that Mrs. Dobos feels she can give the people she doesn't like a D on an in-class essay without any say-so as to why. Not only did I get a D on that assignment, but so did 6 other students just in one class. Seven students in a twenty-student AP class got a D on an in-class assignment. I'd say that was pretty biased grading. I was going to talk to her about it today, but then I got sick. So I'm going to see about it tomorrow.

My grades have fluctuated slightly, but I feel like they're okay? So I won't be graduating with a 4.0. Oh well. I'll still be doing fairly well considering? And I'm going to make NHS this year, I think. That'd be pretty amazing :D I'm definitely not doing it for colleges, I'm just doing it for myself. For this nine weeks, I'm expecting a 3.96 (B in calculus, A in econ, A in gym, A in latin, C in english, B in physics, A in band, A in chorus). I need a 3.85 to get into NHS, so hopefully the 3.96 averaged with my current GPA (which I forget) will keep me above a 3.85 :D

Onto other news, I've been consistantly sick for the past 4 weekends. It's been miserable. I need to stop being sick. I'm missing a lot of school and soon I'll be missing even more school for States and band trip. Not to mention musical is getting closer. I might have to drop musical, however, because I'll be missing a few practices next week and the following week because I forgot to call off for next week and in three weeks I'll be up at Jay's college. So if I don't drop out, Mr. K might throw me out. I'm going to talk to him about it soon and see his feelings on it. I'd rather not drop out, but I can't keep up with everything I'm doing.

So yeah, I think that's it.


Tim said...

Well, being sick does suck. Perhaps you started out with too many REALLY high goals? I usually find that around 1 February I can assess where I stand. If I completely failed to reach a certain goal, I set my bar to a more attainable level, with the intent to increase it thereafter. Granted, I hardly ever follow through the whole way, but at least I try.

Not graduating with a 4.0? Ohmigosh-be-glad-you're-even-close!!! Plenty of people would kill for a GPA that high, and colleges will accept you (if they haven't already--guess I haven't been very attentive, have I?)

Anyway - Feel better soon!

Lexi Elizabeth said...

it's just that i wanted to graduate with a gold stoll...whatever it's called... thing :-\

Miles C. said...

Don't you get that for being above 3.75?

Lexi Elizabeth said...

nope. for your class it was a 3.75. they raised it to a 3.85 for my class and the class below me, but i think they're being forced to lower it back down to a 3.75 for the sophomores this year?

Tim said...

If no class has yet graduated with the 3.85 requirement, and they're already considering lowering it back down to 3.75, where the heck did they get off raising it in the first place? If this is truly the case, you have a valid argument to get it taken back down to 3.75 for the Classes of 2008 and 2009.