Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Person of the Week (20)

This guy probably saved my life. Last night, I was miserable. I had just spent an hour in the counseling office and was told to delete my Confessions blog. So I went home and tried to delete it and accidentally deleted my Writing blog in the process. I know it's a little early for another person of the week, but I was bawling last night because I thought this meant that destiny and fate and whatnot was all telling me that I shouldn't be a writer (I just watched Serendipity...so you could tell I was in a "fate" kind of mood). Then this boy, this amazing boy, saved my blog and my life by having every single short story I've ever written on my blog. So I would like to award PotW20 to Tim Parenti. Thank you so much, Tim.


Tim said...

So around 01:30 this morning, I see this little post come up in Google Reader while I'm procrastinating from doing my ENGCMP assignments. It was from Andrea, and all I saw was "deleted," "blog," and ":(," and I knew that something had to be done, because you really would've gotten bent-out-of-shape about this... and understandably so.

I went back to Google Reader and saw that it still had the feeds, and as I started copying and pasting, I realized that the archive just kept going back.

It's funny, because as I was doing this, I knew I was procrastinating from doing my own work, so I felt really bad. But then, moments after I submitted the comment that was your "saving grace," the thought entered my mind—

She's probably going to PotW me for this.

Just to make it clear that that wasn't my intent... but I am nonetheless honored. I must give due credit to the archival power that is Google Reader, which I hereby nominate as OUotW (online untility of the week). It is certainly just as worthy of an award.

I'm glad I could make your day... and apparently "save your life"!

Tim said...

online UTILITY* of the week

(This is why I shouldn't write long comments.)

Lexi Elizabeth said...

i read the first post and i was like "unutility...maybe my brain is just pronouncing it wrong in my head" and moved on...so it's okay. :-P