Monday, January 28, 2008

So I deleted my Confessions blog, but in the process, my writing one got deleted as well. And there were things on there that I didn't save anywhere else :( So I'll never have those writings. Ever again.


Anonymous said...

well that stinks. maybe some time you'll see a prompt, and you'll be like, "hey, that reminds me of..." and all of a sudden you'll be writing the thrilling conclusion to a story you started there

Tim said...

Due to the magic of Google Reader, which is the online tool I use to grab your blogs' content and deliver it to me, and after a lot of copying and pasting, I was able to backup each blog back to almost its beginning.

Now that I read this post, though, it seems as though you only want the one. I'm pretty sure this should cover everything. (Sorry, but I don't subscribe to comments, so I don't have those!)

Lexi Elizabeth said...

i'm not even kidding tim you just made me cry (from happiness). thank you so much.