Thursday, February 07, 2008

Study Hall

So this nine weeks I have 2 study halls. I also have a band class that I use as a study hall (for playing purposes).

In first period, I am with Laurel Smith in Mr. K's office. The two of us either do our homework or do work for Mr. K. We're trapped inside his office because Mr. Lavelle has a class to one side of the office and Mr. K is busy with Chorus on the other. I've been working on a program for Mr. K during this period lately, though now that is finished, so soon another project will come my way.

In fourth period, I am cleaning out the costume room. It's a crazy mess, so we're trying to make room for the costumes for the upcoming show. Ted Cooper has office helper downstairs, so I had him help me with this on Wednesday.

Eight period Ted Cooper and I play duets and he also plays piano. I love it. I'm supposed to be in band class, but since I hate it, I never go. But I'm still playing, so Mr. B gives me an A anyways, yay!

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Tim said...

That sounds reminiscent of my last semester of high school when I had two independent studies. For me, it was basically "do your work whenever" time from 07:57 to 11:13. One of my friends was in my first period independent study with me, and we would often put our heads down and set an alarm for 08:30. On top of this, I got out of band and chorus so often that my only real obligation was my only real class at 13:15.

I guess I was sort of in a similar situation back in eighth grade as well, spending five periods each day in the music room for a whole quarter, but that was a lot more complicated. To be honest, I don't even understand how I kept my eighth grade schedule straight. I should share it sometime.