Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Things for Tomorrow

Tomorrow seems to be an incredibly busy day.
-I'm going to wake up and get ready for school, hopefully looking nice since that was a goal of mine.
-I'm going to work on Latin and Calc in homeroom and first period.
-Then hopefully I'll have some end time during Calculus to read over the judgment again for English. I'm hoping we discuss it more in class.
-In econ, I'm hoping to continue working on my Latin essay.
-During yoga I plan on yoga-ing.
-In Latin, we're writing our essays, so wish me luck! I'm really bad at Latin class, so I'm hoping not to fail. I at least need to bring my grade up to a high B.
-English we're probably discussing the judgment.
-In physics, I'm hoping to discuss our project. We can only meet once after school, so we need to make it count.
-I plan on being with Blair for band again to work out the tuning of my reeds. I'll probably be reading some of Angels and Demons while this is happening.
-I'll be singing during chorus.
-After school John, Virginia and I are meeting at my house for our project. We're not doing much 'cept making sure we have everything. I'm hoping we can get one more meeting in on Sunday before the project is due.
-John and Virginia'll be gone by 5:30, in time for me to have dinner with Erin. It won't be too long of a dinner, so I'll probably be done by like 7:30ish.
-When I get home, Mommy and I are filling out FASFA together.
-After that, I'm working on homework. The only homework I'll have is math and physics. So that won't be too bad. I'm also writing my daily entry.
-Jay'll come over around 10. He's leaving on Sunday, so we're trying to fit in a lot of time together before then.
-He'll leave at midnight, hopefully. If I'm tired, I'll sleep. If not, I'll read some more of Angels and Demons and then sleep.

So that's my plan for tomorrow.
I hope all goes well.

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Tim said...

Sounds busy. Sadly, I'm not to far away from schedules that full!