Thursday, January 03, 2008


So one thing I really need to find time to add to my schedule is hanging out with friends. Friends that I talk to in school but never really hang out with. Like Janie. We really need to make plans to get together. I think once musical starts, I'm going to tell work I only want four days so that I have more time to go out with friends. But I really do need the money, so I don't know. :-\ This goal is turning out to be really hard.

I did hang out with Erin O'Boyle for two and a half hours today. That definitely wasn't the plan, but we just kept talking about everything. She goes to Allegheny and I really think if I went there, we'd just hang out all the time. Even if she was a senior and I was a freshman.

Laurel and I have our day next Saturday. If she gets her license, we're going to drive downtown. If not, we might take the trolley. I just want to hang out downtown, do some sight seeing and stuff. Take lots of pictures. We have most of the day together, so we'll see how that goes.

So hopefully I'll spend more of my time off with the people I like.

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Tim said...

By "next Saturday," do you mean the 12th? Not that I'd want to intrude on "you and Laurel" time, but you did say you wanted to hang out at some point, and my schedule might end up allowing a trip downtown on that day...

If not, of course, we'll just pick some other day from about four that aren't already taken by important things... :(