Sunday, January 06, 2008


So this weekend's been pretty okay. Friday I worked after school and then hung out with Jay. We went through some of the crazy prompts that my book has to offer me in the upcoming months. He joked, we laughed. It was great. I love that about us. The whole friendship between us. Last night was his last night in town. I switched with Jen to get off at 6, though Juanis let me off at 5:30. Jay took me home so I could shower and write my daily prompt, and picked me back up at 7. We went to the Olive Garden because I wanted spaghetti. Then we went home and watched The Wedding Planner. After that I slept for a little bit and then we just talked about stuff we would miss about each other. That was nice. He left and then I found out Laurel returned to Jaime. Whatever. I've given up on her, so whatever. Jay leaving this time was less painful than the summer, but I can't help but miss hanging out with him absolutely every night. Work today went by fast. Physics project is going awful. I haven't written my daily prompt yet. I'll do that in a couple minutes or so.

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Tim said...

Sounds busy, but fun. Did my post mentioning the Olive Garden have anything to do with your spaghetti craving?