Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Democratic Party

So I thought before I did anything on the specific candidates, I should figure out the difference between democrats and republicans. I decided to start with democrats because it comes first in the alphabet.

This is the website I got most of my information from.

The Democrats have majority in the house. They have decided on 6 Plans that they are going to follow through on.

1. Honest Government and Open Leadership.
I think this is a little weird of a thing. It's basically saying that the Republicans have corrupted government and that as democrats they will aim to make it right and just and back for the people.

2. Real Security
This means that we will defend the US first and foremost, before going and defending Iraq and countries alike. They also plan on telling the citizens, the troops, and the allied countries their plans of war and be truthful about everything within the war.

3. Energy Independence
Democrats want to free Americans from dependency on foreign oil and also want to research ideas on a cleaner environment by looking at other ways to run things other than fuel. Basically making the country independent and modern.

4. Economic Prosperity and Educational Excellence
Democrats are for raising minimum wage to make more people want to work and make more money to stimulate the economy. They also want to make college tuition a tax deduction and other things like that. Basically giving money back to the people for the economy. The tax deduction for education will also help more people go to college.

5. A Healthcare System that works for Everybody.
They want to get more healthcare for those who can't afford it by making it cheaper, allowing more prescription drugs to be made available to those without the means, and they want to advance research on health with stem cell research.

6. Retirement Security
Democrats do not want to privatize social security. They want to make living after retirement amazing since you put all that work into your life. They want to increase savings incentives and start pension reforms.

So those are the 6 main goals of the democrats as they lead the house.

I'm not sure what to think about these. I'll see after I see what the republican views are.

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