Thursday, January 24, 2008

I found this new thing...
This website compares Republican views and Democratic views on each issue.

Democrats are for it, Republicans are against it.
I feel that abortion is ultimately up to the woman, though I do realize that many feel this is murder. I think it's a stretchy subject of religion and when you believe the child is actually real, so I feel that if you, as a mother, feel that the baby inside you is not real, have the sole right to get an abortion. Now I don't support just everyone going and getting an abortion. I wish there was some line we could draw that said "you were just stupid and off having sex, deal with the consequences." I don't know. It's really hard for me to decide, but I can't imagine someone giving up 9 months of their life for a child they don't want from like a rape or really bad situation type of thing. Especially someone that is young. I think this is a very touchy subject and really hard to choose on.

Gun Control Laws:
Democrats want more control, Republicans do not.
I think that the number of deaths for guns is not as high as the number of deaths for every other thing. I think that we should allow people to have their own guns for safety reasons, though not give them like big nuclear guns or anything. Just something to protect themselves in a situation.

Democrats believe government should step in and control this, Republicans feel all that is unnecessary.
I do believe discrimination is wrong, but I don't think the government stepping in is going to fix that at all. We have freedom of speech and freedom to think however we choose to.

Democrats want to decrease military spending, Republicans want to raise it.
I know nothing about the spending for the military to take a stand on this.

Gay Rights:
Democrats for, Republicans against.
I definitely feel that Gays should have as many rights as straight people. Honestly, it's a free country. I don't see how you can go against that. Separation of church and state- just because your religion is against it doesn't mean everyone else is too.

Minimum Wage:
Democrats for raising minimum wage, Republicans are not.
I think that raising minimum wage only causes everything to go up- prices, especially. And then it's unfair to those who have been working longer because they don't get paid more because of the raise, and so once the inflation rises, they end up paying more of a percentage for everything. I know this sounds weird coming from someone who should, at my age, want the minimum wage to be high, but honestly, there's a limit.

Death Penalty:
Democrats are against the death penalty, Republicans find it necessary.
I feel strongly against killing people, especially since so many are killed for things they haven't done. I think, however, there should be some instances where one person is just too dangerous and too insane not to permanently get rid of. I'm not sure if there is any other way to do this besides death.

Prayer in schools:
Democrats say "separation between church and state", Republicans say pray in school.
I think that there should be a separation. I think children can go to specific schools if they wish to pray collectively in school, or they can pray without the school asking them silently or with a group in a public school, as long as they aren't trying to force religion on others.

Burning the flag:
Democrats say "freedom of speech", Republicans say it's against the constitution.
I feel this is definitely freedom of speech. I don't see how burning the flag is against the constitution. It's a flag! I think that if someone feels strongly about something as to feel the need to burn the flag as a statement, then let them!

Natural Environment:
Democrats say have laws enforcing against harming the environment, Republicans feel if laws are necessary, at least don't make them harsh or they could do more harm than good.
I feel that we should have laws for protecting our environment. I don't feel there's anything more to say on the subject.

Democrats say tax the wealthy and tax raises are good, Republicans want to keep taxes at an all around low.
As an American taxpayer, I must agree with keeping taxes low. It's less I have to pay and more I have to stimulate the economy. However, I do agree with taxing the rich more heavily because, as we learned in economics, while some baseball player had to pay 9 million in taxes (more than most make in a year), he still had a remaining 70 million to play around with. I think that's an excessive amount of money, especially for just playing baseball, and he should be happy to be contributing to the government.

So that's pretty much my view of things.

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