Saturday, December 15, 2007

Yeah, I'm smart too

I got accepted into Penn State Main. YAY! They said they wouldn't tell me until January 31st, but I got my letter either Thursday or Friday (my mom gave it to me friday, so I'm assuming it came in on thursday?) and that made me happy. It's not my first choice, but at least I know I have somewhere to go. Tricia got accepted to Penn State the same day, only not main campus....she got accepted to Beaver Campus. So that made me feel a little better, knowing that even if I don't get accepted at Allegheny or Miami, I can still go to Penn State. And I was accepted to Main, which means I'm smart?


Laurel said...

YAY, its a shame thats not where i'm going because it would be great to go to college with you!

Anonymous said...

cool! you know, i considered going there at one point

Tim said...

Congratulations... I remember getting the first acceptance letter, and it really is quite the relief knowing you do have somewhere to go no matter what else happens... even if it is Penn State... ;)

So enjoy your Christmas! You've earned it!