Sunday, December 16, 2007

Person of the Week Number 14

This is hard, because I haven't really been in school all week, nor have I been at work. But I think my person of the week'll be Laurel Ann Smith, because well, she hasn't been it yet and she went out with me on Friday and apparently broke plans with her boyfriend to do so, which means she likes me better? and went out with me even though I look like a chipmunk. So yeah, happy potw, laurel! <3


Tim said...

Haha; chipmunk.

Congratulations, Laurel!

Laurel said...

You know, I guess I had been so busy with like life that I hadn't read this blog post and now that i'm sick and not in school i'm going back and reading blogs and I saw this one and I was like aww Andrea I love you!