Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Time :D

So it's officially Christmas break! :D I did absolutely nothing in any of my classes yesterday, but it was fun talking to everyone. Work afterwards was awful until about 9:30 when people stopped getting a salad. haha. I didn't do anything though, 'cept wait on customers all day and close salad. Jay made all the pretzels ('cause he's faster and better at it). I really like closing salads. It's probably my favorite to close, but Juanis and Mark hate me so they always put me on pretzels.

I work 11-8 today, and then I'm going to shop for people's gifts. I don't really know what to get anybody, especially Jay. And I still need to get Alli and Jocelyn and Mommy. I've just been so behind because of work, it's just been yucky. Oh, and I need to get everyone at work a gift too.

My plans for this week still don't really exist. Sunday after work Blair and Libby and I might hang out to give out gifts. Monday I've got nothing planned from after work (5pm). It's Christmas Eve so no one is available to do anything with me. So maybe I'll just do my homework that night. Christmas I've got no plans either. My family usually works on Christmas (My aunt and Alli usually work 7-3, I usually work 11-7 and mommy usually works 3-11), so this year we have no idea what to do because they gave mommy off, the mall's closed, and I think Alli might be off too.

After that I have absolutely no plans, but I need to get together with Janie to give her her gift. Maybe I'll do that Thursday or Friday. Well, I don't really have much to say.

Oh, I guess while I'm at it, since I'll be busy tomorrow, the next person of the week is Kiara. I don't know her last name though. But I love working with her. She's so sweet and honest.

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Tim said...

You usually all work on Christmas Day? What a shame... You may actually get to celebrate on the day itself this year. If I were you, I'd be excited!

Merry Christmas!