Saturday, December 15, 2007

Wisdom Teeth

So I got my wisdom teeth out on Thursday. Everything went well, I slept the whole time, slept the whole way home, and then slept at home until 7. So yeah, that was a lot of sleeping. Then when I woke up I took some pain medicine and amoxicilin and my mom fed me apple sauce and pudding and spegettios (not all at once and i definitely didn't finish a whole bowl of any of it). My lower lip was still numb so a lot of food just fell out of my mouth. Friday went very well. Jay drove me for pictures for chorus in the morning and band in the afternoon. I had just taken medicine before the band one and I was really really tired. So I slept a lot between pictures and after the band picture. I finally woke up at 8 and my mom helped me eat some apple sauce and then like five minutes later Jay came to take me and Laurel to the movies. He's such a nice boy, that Jay, since he goes out of his way to chauffeur me around all day. And he gets nothing out of it either. But then we went to the movies and it was a really good Laurel type movie. I liked it a lot, but I couldn't really smile or laugh so I had to force those down a lot, but I absolutely loved her outfits. Especially the blue one. I wish I had the time/money to go out a lot to movies and such. *sigh* oh well.


Laurel said...

Enchanted is the best movie ever! I absolutely love it...and yes, it is a very me movie

Tim said...

"a really good Laurel type movie"

Haha; yes, I'm sure.