Friday, August 10, 2007

So remember that to-do list I made up back in like june? well, i wanted to update you guys on what all i've accomplished on the list.

Out of the College section, the only thing I've accomplished is picking out which colleges I want to go to. I've also visited one, but not all of them.

Out of the school section, I only have five poets done and one book read. I'm in the middle of reading my modern author book, but i haven't read inferno yet.

For life, i have hung out with a lot of friends this summer and have gone swimming. I've also semi-learned how to drive. And for people that say it's easy, it's really not. 'Cause I'm really bad at it.

Marching band- bleh. I haven't done anything for that. haha.

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Tim said...

Yeah, I haven't accomplished much this summer either. Oh, well.