Sunday, August 12, 2007


So I hit my 300th post a couple posts back. It's kind of strange....300. Some are very deep, some are silly, some are random, and some are different. But I mean, they all add up together to be 300 (or well, now 307.) I wonder how many posts Laurel has? Maybe 200? Tim? 150? Jay? 50? It's crazy how much I've posted in the past. I know I've slowed down, but before, it was like...whoa. Just kind of cool, I guess.


Tim said...

As of 12 August 2007, 22:22 EDT:

Andrea: 307 (38 year-to-date)
Laurel: 277 (41 TYD)
Tim: 134 (35 YTD)
Jay: 116 (9 YTD)
Craig: 20 (2 YTD)

Lexi Elizabeth said...

haha, i'm glad you figured that all out for me. i didn't think laurel had that many, but i guess she did a lot of posts about those quiz things so that added up. then i thought you would have more and i definitely didn't expect jay to have that many.

Tim said...

Jay had QUITE a few in late 2005 and early 2006, but as you can see, he's only had 9 since January.