Friday, June 22, 2007

I have a whole lot of things I need to accomplish this summer.

*I need to pick which colleges I'm planning on applying to.
*I need to visit those colleges.
*I need to pick majors and minors.
*I need to write scholarship essays and admissions essays.
*I need to figure out this whole financial aid stuff.
*I need to take the SATs again.
*I need to take the ACTs.
*I need to figure out the whole teacher recommendation thing.

-Senior Year
*I need to do all these poems for english.
*I need to read all three books for the summer reading.
*I need to define all those mythological guys.
*I need to buy school supplies.
*I need to learn some calculus from Jay before I start calc.

*I need to get my mission trip form notarized.
*I need to go to Kennywood 4 times ('cause that's how many tickets I bought)
*I need to hang out with my friends that I never see.
*I need to go swimming at least once this summer.
*I need to learn to drive for many reasons.

-Marching Band
*I need to figure out what to do with Mr. B 'cause he wanted me to come in this summer.
*I need to figure out if I'm doing summer band camp for the kids before marching band starts.
*I need to know what leadership positions I am so I can prepare for them.
*I need to learn my music and memorize it for the kids

There's more but that's all I cna think of right now. I'm going to go crazy, and it's just summer!


Tim said...

Twenty-two items. If you average three a week, you'll be in good shape! Four, and you'll even have time to relax afterwards! Or just more time to spend on the bigger ones... you know how that goes.

Laurel said...

That is a long list, but some of those you know will be accomplished soon like the mission trip form and then some do not need to be accomplished until like a week before school or something like that...for example buying school supplies. Then there are things like the college applications which are best to get in by November but its not the end of the world if you don't so you don't need to finish the applications/essays until around then! You will get everything that needs to be done done. Don't Worry!