Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Summer Thus Far

Summer started like June 6th. That was our last day of finals, and the last day that anyone would be there besides freak people (like me). June 7th and 8th I helped out with Mr. K and Mr. Lavelle with the music library. I hope I can help out some more this summer. It'd be super fun just to spend a day in the music library just organizing music. How relaxing does that sound? We got a whole lot done too. I worked pretty much that whole weekend, but I did get to go to graduation to play in the band, and I went to Brandi's graduation that Sunday. I'm not to sure, but graduations aren't really that exciting. :-\ The St. Anne's Fair was the week after school let out, and so Jay and I went on Monday. I love hanging out with Jay. He makes me laugh he makes me wanna kill him, he makes me wanna hug him, he just...I don't know. Makes my life. Tuesday I worked and Wednesday I got to help out at the fair. It was pretty nice. Thursday I had prime time after work, and that was pretty neat. I got to semi-bond with Liz Pegg, since I never get to see her ever. Friday I helped out at the fair again and then Saturday after work I went and bought books at the fair for my mission trip (with laurel :D). I hope they're good books, I'm gonna see if Joe or Bob can stop by my house and check them out or something first, though. Sunday Jay and I had breakfast together before going into work, and then Monday Jay and I spent the day together. That was really nice. We were everywhere. The mall, Barnes and Noble, his house, my house, almost-wendy's, and the dollarstore. I wish we could have days like that more often. It made work even a better experience. Jaunis was in a better mood too, 'cause Grant got fired.

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Tim said...

Sounds like you've been having fun!